The RoIP Gateway is equipped with a technology that converts analog audio signals into a digital data transmitted through the Internet, WAN/LAN.

The analog audio is encoded with a standard audio codec, such as G.711, G,723, etc. The digital encoded data are packed into UDP (User Datagram Protocol) or TCP (Transfer Connection Protocol) or a similar transport layer protocol for transport over the IP Network.

At the receiving end, the digital encoded data will be decoded and converted back to analog audio and radio control signals.



Salient Features

• Wide Area Connectivity over the IP network
• Upto 30 channels in wide area can be controlled on a single/multiple console
• Different frequency band channels can Interoperate
• All configured channels can be recorded at central/distributed locations
• Remote channels steering facility for Motorola Radios
• Can speak from laptop in the IP network to all configured channels