Petro Engineering Solutions

At MCIL-PETRO ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS, We Design, Engineer, Manufacture, Supply, Commissioning / Erection, Operate and Maintain Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) for the Indian oil & gas industry in collaboration with BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH.

WHAT IS Vapor Recovery Unit and why it is required?
Storage and handling of hydrocarbons and bulk transfer leads to emission of harmful petroleum vapors. These vapors, known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pose environmental and health risks. Oil marketing companies (OMCs) incur heavy product loss.

This is particularly applicable to gasoline and other petrochemical products like BTX. Conventionally, these VOCs are flared due to lack of competent recovery systems – which are not environment friendly.

A vapor recovery unit is a system which minimizes the resultant emission / evaporation and its effects and also can recover high cost HC product from process stream that may otherwise going to the flare or drain.
Our VRUs are equipped with membrane technology/Combination of Activated Carbon and Membrane Technology it’s combination with most reliable instrumentation and latest state-of-the-art control systems makes it suitable for all applications and products.

The mechanical design of the system is based on a skid-mounted pre-assembled principle. This can be a standard layout or tailored to meet the particular site requirements of the customer.
Our products – Vapour Recovery Units and complete systems – are synonymous with high quality, competence and reliability. Our portfolio ranges from process simulation to the delivery of complete turnkey systems and a comprehensive after sales service.

We offer emission control solutions with maximum recovery rates of up to 99.9% and thereby enable compliance with all customary emission standards as per CPCB, MOEF and OISD whilst also fulfilling the highest quality, safety and reliability demands.

 Our Vapour recovery unit for emission control is used in the following areas:

  •  Tank truck loading at Terminals
  • Refineries
  • Tank Farms
  • Marine Loading