Broadband Solution

FiberinMotion® Wireless Mobility
Highest wireless broadband capacity for trains, vehicles & vessels on the move
FiberinMotion® delivers wireless broadband with unmatched throughput and wide area coverage for trains, vehicles and vessels in motion while ensuring service continuity at high speeds and in challenging environments.


    >Highest Throughput- FiberinMotion® delivers wireless broadband for trains, vehicles and vessels on the move with unmatched throughput of up to 750Mbps.
  • Wide Area Coverage- Extended coverage reduces the number of base station installations required, saving upon substantial infrastructure costs (e.g. poles, electricity, and network) as well as on-going maintenance.
  • Interference Immunity
    Field-proven air interface operating in near and non line-of-sight (nLoS/NLoS) conditions and in high interference environments.
  • Guaranteed SLA
    FiberinMotion® guarantees dedicated bandwidth per train, vehicle or vessel and ensures high quality of service and service continuity, enabling multiple concurrent services.

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