Mobilecom GPS/GIS Dispatcher

Turbo+ is a dispatcher solution design & developed by Mobile comm software team especially for Mototrbo DMR. This software is based on Client-Server technology that allows user to build dispatcher solution with a multiple number of dispatch consoles and radio network. The software is a multi-functional integrated solution of voice, messages, location services, Voice Recording etc. The software offers a professional control system over any size of network.



Turbo+ Features
IP based Client-Server Architecture
Radio Dispatch
Radio GPS Tracking
Voice & Event Logging
Modular and salable
GUI is user friendly and easy to use to reduce dispatcher training
Dispatchers can login from anywhere and get their specific profile
Password protection
Different Level of users – Configurable user rights
Real-time Subscriber location of all radios
Specific Radio live tracking
Different map format supported – Online Google, Openstreet, Offline Raster Map etc.
Subscriber location logging
Trip History drawing for specific period of time
Subscriber Animated History play for specific period of tim
Subscriber track details
Geofencing and Speed Control
Automatic location request (Individual polling interval)
Manual location request
User defined Black list of subscribers
And many more