Mobilecom GPS/GIS Dispatcher Turbo +

Turbo+ is a dispatcher solution design & developed by Mobile comm software team especially for Mototrbo DMR. This software is based on Client-Server technology that allows user to build dispatcher solution with a multiple number of dispatch consoles and radio network. The software is a multi-functional integrated solution of voice, messages, location services, Voice Recording etc. The software offers a professional control system over any size of network.

Turbo+ Features-

  • IP based Client-Server Architecture
  • Radio Dispatch
  • Radio GPS Tracking
  • Voice & Event Logging
  • Messaging
  • Modular and salable
  • GUI is user friendly and easy to use to reduce dispatcher training
  • Dispatchers can login from anywhere and get their specific profile
  • Password protection
  • Different Level of users – Configurable user rights
  • Real-time Subscriber location of all radios
  • Specific Radio live tracking
  • Different map format supported – Online & Offline Google map, Open Street Map, Offline Raster Map etc.
  • Subscriber location logging
  • Trip History drawing for specific period of time
  • Subscriber Animated History play for specific period of time
  • Subscriber track details
  • Geofencing and Speed Control
  • Automatic location request (Individual polling interval)
  • Manual location request
  • User defined Black list of subscribers
  • And many more customized applications…