Mobile mail is the perfect solution for transmitting massages over existing HF/VHF/UHF radio networks. This can be easily deployed in difficult terrain and climatic condition, where other mode of message communication is not available. Mobile mail can also be inducted as an alternate solution to other media.


  • Latest digital signal processor based
  • Designed around multi-mode data controller
  • High level data filtering circuits.
  • Digital filtering for advance error correction
  • Enhanced packet power capabilities.
  • Capable to work without PC through serial port device
  • Inbuilt massage storage capabilities.
  • Designed for all proven mode of operations.
  • Window based operational software.


The digital signal process of mobile mail has high quality signal filtering technology. Incoming signals are digitized by a high speed analog to digital converter. The digitized data is then digitally filtered and analyzed by the on-boardDSP. The processed demodulated signals are then passed to a second processor for protocol conversion. The reverse procedure takes place when you transmit in addition to the DSP. Mobile mail has inbuilt PACTOR memory ARQ for errors reduction. all these feature make mobile mail the data controller of choice for those who want to communicate in poor signal condition.
Mobilemail is capable to work on 9600 to 1200 bps VHF and 300 bps HF packets. This is true DCD state machine for hearing signals with an open squelch when operating on 9600 and 1200 bps packets. Full duplex packet capabilities lets you speed up communication by sending and receiving simultaneously. KISS provides capabilities which allow mapping and tracking in packet.

Silent features:

  • Maximum speed up to 9600 bauds on VHF/UHF .
  • Switchable two port interface
  • PACTOR mode for better throughput in marginal HF operation.
  • User friendly front display panel.
  • Automatic packet reporting (APRS) compatible.
  • Capable to operate through repeaters.
  • Compatible with popularly available HF SSB/FM radio sets.