Marine Loading

While the transport of petrochemical products by trucks and railcars is usually organized domestically, the safety requirements for transport by sea-going vessels or barges need to conform to international guidelines such as the IMO, CONCAWE or US Coast Guard
Apart from these safety aspects vapour emission control when loading the vessels presents a particular challenge. The vapour streams released are usually bigger than at domestic terminals and potential product change from batch to batch requires flexible solutions. The big vessel batch sizes result in long and constant vapour release profiles and possible parallel actions on different jetties making necessary an intensive feasibility study to develop an energy- and cost-optimised VRU application. In some countries the controlled degassing of barges/vessels is required to prevent an explosive gas mixture and risk of product contamination.


Marine Vapour Recovery Unit

Next to the vapour recovery unit itself, the application of marine vapour recovery typically requires long piping installations and built-in safety devices e.g. dock safety units. Very often the VRU is a minor part of the investment. The MVRU is able to handle single or parallel loading from one or various sea-going vessels.
BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH offers solutions for all product vapours and capacities.

Key benefits

Designed for multi-jetty usage and for maximum capacities
Treatment of vapours of different loaded and pre-loaded products
Self-suction principle can minimise vapour piping diameter
Extra blower system for vapour transport to VRU is not required
Various options regarding absorbent utilization are available
Meets strict international emission levels and safety guidelines
Customised mechanical design adaptable to space restrictions (jetty/shore platform)

Dock Safety Unit

Marine loading installation and marine vapour recovery concepts in particularly require the comprehensive installation of hardware such as loading arms, vapour piping, VRU and additional safety devices. The safety of this application must be safely implemented from the dock to the VRU. Over-filling, over/under pressure protection and fire and explosion protection must be considered.
BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH offers compact, skid-mounted Dock Safety Units for various capacities according to the latest safety guidelines. As an integral part of the vapour recovery installation, this unit can be combined with the Vapour Recovery Unit to make a single vapour control system.

Key benefits

Safety and operational aspects combined in one compact device
Designed to meet international safety guidelines
Compact skid-mounted design
Easy integration into VRU control system – no extra control system
Includes detonation flame arrestor, pressure/temperature control
Vessel overfill protection