Aromatic/Product Recovery Unit

Aromatics/products (benzene, toluene, xylene etc.) are petrochemical products with the highest emission control priority. Emissions from aromatic products have been identified as carcinogenic and consequently many countries have introduced particularly strict emission limits. The superiority of the BORSIG membrane process and additional unit operations offers the most efficient and reliable solutions for treating aromatic vapour streams and to comply with strict emission levels e.g. of < 1mg benzene/m³.


Key benefits:

Additional to the advantages of our standard Vapour Recovery Unit, the BORSIG Aromatic / Product Recovery Unit offers:

  • Compliance with worldwide emission limits
  • Flexible and safe treatment of all aromatic product vapours
  • All process steps designed for longest lifetime stability and efficiency
  • No aromatic saturation in adsorbent materials such as activated carbon
  • Safe maintenance – no contamination of process fluids/materials, no expensive disposal
  • Proven superior technology in many reference installations