Transfer Line Exchangers




Our transfer line exchangers are used in plants which are producing ethylene. Ethylene is the basic product for the fabrication of plastics. Ethylene (C2H4) and some other byproducts like propylene are produced by thermal cracking of hydrocarbons in pyrolysis furnaces in the presence of steam. Predominantly ethane, naphtha and other mineral oil fractions are used as feedstocks.

The gas produced by cracking, which leaves the furnace at a temperature of around 850°C to 1,000°C (1,500°F to 1,800°F), must be cooled down rapidly (quenching to approx. 400°C (750°F) after leaving the reaction zone of the furnace to prevent secondary reactions and to stabilize the gas composition in order to obtain the optimum product yield. In all modern ethylene processes this rapid cooling of the cracked gas is done with transfer line exchangers (also known as quench exchangers or TLEs) thereby producing high pressure steam.

Based on the overall furnace design concept we can offer two different patented designs:

• The BORSIG "Tunnelflow" transfer line exchanger
• The BORSIG "Linear" transfer line exchanger.