Gas Separation

BORSIG Membrane Technology offers for gas separation applications attractive process solutions for the treatment of gas streams. In the fields of oil and gas production or refinery and process technology respective applications are conditioning of raw gas flows, recovery of specific components or improvement of product quality to comply with customer's gas specifications, pipeline specifications or specific related requirement like e.g. calorific-value or methane number.

Process concepts can be developed in addition to existing processes or as an alternative to conventional entire process solutions. The possibilities offered by BORSIG Membrane Technology at a glance:

BORSIG Fuel Gas Conditioning Gas treatment for pipeline, gas engine and turbine applications
BORSIG Carbon Capture Separation of CO2 from gas streams
BORSIG Biogas Conditioning Membranes and systems for biogas treatment
BORSIG Hydrogen Separation Separation of Hydrogen from gas streams
BORSIG Oxygen Enrichment Oxygen enrichment for combustion processes