Safety Equipments

Back in 1965, they were the first German manufacturer to build folding stairs for tanker truck and railcar loading racks, producing both standard and special designs.

Our stairs can be operated manually, pneumatically or hydraulically. Thanks to integrated end limit switches, they can be incorporated into a local control system such as a traffic light circuit, for example. To suit site-specific requirements, we produce stairs up to three metres in width and with movable folding stairs so they can be moved into a convenient position for working.

Because there are additional safety requirements to deal with when staff are engaged in loading activities, we have developed various solutions to prevent falls. For example, we supply folding stairs with safety rails on both sides for drivers to access vehicles safely. On the vehicle side away from the loading rack, a hydraulically or pneumatically operated mesh structure provides protection. Pivotable side rails guard against falls at the front or rear of the vehicle.