Process Gas Waste Heat System

When handling liquids that can pollute water, environmental protection and health and safety are very important considerations. In particular, it is essential that the coupling system works safely and that product loss is minimized during coupling.

Our special couplings fulfil the highest safety standards. We provide various types of couplings:

• API safety coupling, FixConnect model, for bottom loading tanker trucks. This automatic coupling works pneumatically. It can also be deployed as a digital   control valve to regulate product flow.
• Connection coupling for fully discharging railcars
• DN 80/100 breakaway couplings for railcars
• ROTAHK 4 tanker truck air exhaust coupling
• Drift safety systems for loading and unloading marine tankers Hose reels

To handle oil safely around tanker ships, the explosive and harmful vapours that are displaced during loading and offloading need to be recovered via a hose system. The hose reel system we have developed meets these requirements.

Made of all-weather stainless steel, this flexible, explosion-proof air exhaust reeling hose has an electrically powered drum mechanism. The hose is reeled in and out at the touch of a button. As an additional safety element, a special slip coupling is integrated.